Monday, December 29, 2008

Can I really become a Mormon Goddess, I asked the LDS missionaries and they said it is possible :)? —Jennifer

then they invited me to the LDS place in my town and said if I believe Joseph Smith and what he wrote down and stuff then I might be able to become a Goddess and rule over my own planet, I was like wow really ? because I asked them about it, and they told me. My neighbor said to ask them about it
Yep, is that awesome or what? I'll tell you what, if you make me your leader then after you're dead and buried I'll make sure you become a magical princess with fairy wings and a wand for turning rocks and pebbles into chocolate. All I ask is 5% of your income for life, half price!

By the way, before you sign up to be a Mormon Goddess, consider that you and your sister wives will be responsible for birthing all those spirit babies, worlds without end. Predefined gender roles don't end with death in Mormonism.


jordan said...

Sign me up! Where do I send the money?

ElGuapo said...

Uh, there may have been some confusion there. I'm not offering you a fairy princess, I'm offering to let you become one. Just so we're clear. ;)

Chris said...

lol. Great post.