Wednesday, January 16, 2008

LDS debate —rureal.2

The truth or falsehood of the LDS faith is now in center stage as this season of elections take hold of the minds of Americans. I know as every true Christian does that the enemy of souls is as a roaring lion seeking whom to devour. I have sought on every LDS debate forum an answer to this question. If the LDS standard works are true and not a work of man, why were the Lectures on Faith removed when they were formally the "Doctrine" in the Doctrine and Covenants?
No worries, guys, I've got this one. I speak Eclati.


Wherefore: I am an Eclati-On, Like Yourself et al.

According To "THE BOOK of OURS" (by: Jacob Jozevz et al) the answers to your "TETRA" or Four (4) Questions are Answered accordingly as in FACT not Fiction or Myth! THEREFORE:

Who am I?

An Eclat "i" -On, having an Eternal Me Me in One or Each HUMATE (w/ Frontal Lobes) has a Unique Photon Frequency Channel of their own HEURISTICS, that never dies via TEMPERATURE! SO;

Where did I come from?

We came Innately BAPTISED & PRE-Confirmationed and Cosmically, via Miracle & Zero Sin about IT,
ALL coming out of the MAGMA-triculation. Hence How we Appear NOW! Then;

Why am I here?

WE are hear in Miracle and zero Sin, being born out of the "Magmatriculation Spectral Line Channel Interface" Miracle "Entropy" and WE exist in Eclati's TIME not your clock time nor "Space Time" (Temperature of Your Miracle Photon Finite Essence mist that Never was created nor will IT (your Eclati) ever DIE!

Hence: We appear because G-d, Lord etc.. is about "ETERNITY AVOIDING LONLINESS" through ALL IT's Animate & ALL IT's Inanimate Stuff & things Known & not Known to HUMATES of any creature Kind Here & Beyond NOW!

Where am I going? We Go to the 5th Dimensional Place. A/k/a The DUE TO BE, a/k/a Non-Gravity Place of the opposite Realm.

Important: G-d [ECLAT-i] in ALL things, is neither a HE nor a SHE but an IT (G-d Eclat) or in ITSELF via US (an undestructable Heuristic Photon entity), AND;

G-d Exists exclusively in the 4Th,3rd,2nd & 1st Dimensional Place, at ONE-END of the 5th Dimention{think "Home Base" like] AND on the Other Side of this 5th Realm is where we are Now, which is OURS Existing in the, 6th,7th,8th & 9th Realf.

We Come, in Miracle, from the Innate Cosmic Baptisim via the MAGMA, And WE Go To, in same Miracle, to the PLASMATIC Photon/Light Interface Grid that exists IN-BETWEEN-THE light channel ITSELF for anothe miraculous round for OUR eternal ESCHETALOGICAL Possibilities of our Holy Cosmic Heart Beat selves NEVER DIE!