Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ken Jennings vs. Brandon Flowers

Well, if Ken's not going to bring it up ... Smile There's an online video being passed around by email with my Mormon family with subject line as given above. Not sure what to say about this, but here it is for your enjoyment.


* * *

Ah, thank you for the tip. Looks like it came up here the week before I started reading the forum. My bad for thinking anything you get in your inbox might be new! Smile
cadams35 wrote:
Yeah, it was definitely on the boards, though I'm not sure about the blog.
Ken mentioned he got the CD from Eric Snider, but didn't link to the video in his blog.

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Reeder wrote:
... So I switched the photograph to the LDS Conference Center, which doesn't have quite the same sacred aspect as the temple does. It's not as iconic or recognizable, and I don't even like the picture as much, but I felt better about it.
Speaking of the Conference Center, I was talking Sunday to a friend who'd just moved from Salt Lake recently. I asked where he had lived in the city and he says, "Behind the big ... Mormon Palace." He meant the Conference Center, or as we lovingly refer to it in the exmo community, the Great and Spacious Building. Wink