Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Those of you seeking for truth...Have you read the Book of Mormon? Why or Why not? —lightgiver

I ask this because I am a Mormon an find it strange that so many people I come in contact with are actually afraid to read it. For example, I was on a plane and sat next to a Baptist lady. We began discussing religion. I told her I could show her some new insights into her question in the Book of Mormon. I pulled it out, and couldn't believe what happened. She actually backed away, and said she didn't even want to touch it. As if it was evil or something. I wondered where she got this attitude from was it her minister? I have never heard another religion put down from the pulpit in my church and I was hurt by this, so I was wondering if this is how most other people feel too, that it is an evil book. I assure you it is just the opposite. I love the book.
I think it would be a mistake to assume that this Baptist woman believes in her church any less fervently than you believe in Mormonism. And since her church does not accept the BoM she naturally sees it as an affront to her faith. That's the nature of religious faith, whether you're Mormon or Baptist or Catholic.

If it's helpful, consider this: you and I are sitting on a plane and talking about the witnesses to the Book of Mormon. I say I could show you some new insights into who these witnesses were and what beliefs they held. Then I pull out "An Insider's View to Mormon Origins" and turn to chapter 6. (Keep in mind that I truly believe I'm helping you by showing you this.) Are you going to read it?

Maybe you would, but many a believer would not. It isn't comfortable having your most cherished beliefs challenged.

Oh and for what it's worth, I have read the Book of Mormon (maybe six times?) and I don't think it's evil. I just don't think it's an actual history of anything and don't find anything particularly valuable in its world view.

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