Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Book of Mormon - Bible - Truth? —David W
When you pray to God, to find out if he exists or not, would it be best to read the Bible / Book of Mormon first to know what your looking for? I've read passages where people pray to the lord and he speaks to them or does something wonderous. So how will i know i've received an answer from him?
Dude, what's the point? Is God going to tell you something different than he told all these other respondents? Once you buy into the notion that a spiritual feeling inside you is God himself telling you something, aren't you already a believer at that point? You can make anything you want be the truth that way.

Or you could spend an hour online and actually look at the evidence for Book of Mormon/Bible historicity. Try searching "Book of Abraham" or "global flood" and see where that gets you. But you do what you feel you need to. It's your life.

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