Monday, June 30, 2008

Wat do ppl really think about the mormon religion? —Carli

evry1 who has ever said they hated the mormon religion has been COMPLETELY wrong and only hate the myths they hear. so if u hate the mormon religion, can u tell me why? i wanna see if ppl hate something real or just a myth.
Carli, I'm equally interested to hear what "myths" you've heard already. Was it the myth that Joseph Smith married young girls and other men's wives? Or the myth that the Book of Abraham facsimiles have been translated by Egyptologists and have nothing to do with Joseph's explanations? Maybe it was the myth that pre-Columbian inhabitants of Mesoamerica only domesticated two animals, the turkey and the dog (and not the assortment of cows, horses, pigs, sheep, and other animals found in the BoM).

I suppose it's possible you heard someone say things that were "COMPLETELY wrong" about the Mormon religion, but most people are pretty reasonable about stuff like this. Maybe you could do a little research next time and show them how they're wrong. If nothing else it might help you understand why many people conclude that the man you revere as prophet is a myth.

Joseph's Myth:

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