Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mormon lifestyle ?? —K

I was exploring Mormonism earlier this year with a relative, but we backed off after deciding that it was somewhat cultish. Now he's interested in reassessing Mormonism. My impression is that Mormons are able to keep their community clean and wholesome in part because they become "Mormon" - i.e. they brush aside their own personalities, and their flaws, and model themselves instead after the idea of "the nice Mormon." All of the Mormons we encountered seemed to be the same, and I had the sense that Mormon interaction is stiff and formal, never really moving past the initial polite, getting-to-know-you stage. I don't feel that I'd be happy as a Mormon, but I may not know enough about it to judge.

Current or former LDS members? Am I right or am I totally off the mark?
I'mjustme...a duck! said: "We don't abandon our own personalities and become mindless lemmings and we don't model ourselves after the idea of 'the nice Mormon'. Instead we try to model our lives after Jesus Christ."

I have a question for you, I'mjustme. What color shirt did you wear to church last Sunday? How about the week before?

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