Monday, June 16, 2008

How do I know if the book of Mormon is true? —newagekook2000

I have been reading the Book of Mormon lately! It has really changed me, but my family who aren't even relegious in anyway but "spiritual" won't even let me go to any church! I feel like Samuel the Lamanite and my family are a bunch of zoramites! Is this a sign from god to give up spritiuality?
I'm glad you're relating to the story and found a hero in Samuel the Lamanite. Many characters in the Book of Mormon seem to have a twin in the Bible, but I'm not sure Samuel does. Maybe Elijah? (See 2 Kings 1:9-16.)

Anyway, I hope you can separate in your mind the fact that you found something of interest in the book with the bigger question, which you asked: is it "true"? I don't think it can possibly be, but that's what you'll need to find out if you're thinking about joining.

Think carefully about the way the mishies are telling you to approach this. If this were any other subject, would you ignore contradictory evidence and focus only on feelings, and even start by telling yourself that you have faith that it is in fact true? Seems like a recipe for getting a false positive, don't you think? If it's true, it should stand up to scrutiny.

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