Monday, June 16, 2008

I tricked my Mormon friend into drinking coffee, and now he won't speak to me. What should I do? —Paul K

I Have a friend who is ok except for being a Mormon. He kept going on about it, so to teach him a lesson I made him a cup of hot chocolate and put coffee in it. He said it tasted strange, but drank it. Half way through I burst out laughing and told him it had coffee in it, and he stormed out and won't speak to me. How can I make him get over himself and his dumb belief in not drinking coffee?
Dude, there's a huge difference between *discussing* beliefs and actually tricking someone into violating their own moral code. That was cheap and immature. If you think his beliefs are goofy then talk about it, if he's willing. But right now what you need to do is apologize. You clearly have no idea how big a deal this was in his mind. I was Mormon once, and I wouldn't have tasted coffee for any price--and I even liked the aroma. [I had no problem drinking Mountain Dew though.] Good luck getting your friend back.

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