Sunday, June 15, 2008

How did the French word “adieu” get into the Book of Mormon? (Jacob 7:27)? —~Truth Seeker~

So your saying that God in his infinite wisdom chose to use a French word and use it on those ancient plates?
Look, some anti-Mormon claims are so stupid you wonder if an overzealous Mormon actually made them up so people wouldn't look at the real issues. This one tops the list, my friend.

How do you figure this question is anti anything, it is a question and as such no inference is implied. Only for those folks who are programmed to believe such would actually say that.
~Truth Seeker~: I'm not "programmed" to believe anything. I'm an ex-Mormon, and I left because I didn't believe Joseph Smith or the LDS church's truth claims. I've been actively participating in ex-Mormon discussion groups the past two years, and I've never seen a single person list the "adieu" thing as a part of the reason they became disaffected.

And what do you mean "no inference is implied"? Of course it is. You even spelled it out in the line just above: God in his infinite wisdom would not (you feel) use a French word in his inspired translation, and therefore the book cannot be what it claims. Sorry, I just find this argument completely unconvincing. If this were all the BoM had to overcome, I'd still be Mormon.

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