Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rational theology

How would I witness to Mormons? —Jonathan

Ok, I was almost sucked into the Mormon religion, and I now see how false and polytheistic it is. I am sad that there are people having their eternities ruined by this. I really want to try my hardest to get people out of this. I have a friend that is a Mormon. and a bunch of people I know. I really want to witness to them of the power of Jesus Christ, and get their focus off of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. But I don't know how to go about this. I really
want to get people out of the religion. I need your help.

I think I can help you out here. See, your Mormon friends believe some things that are demonstrably false. All you have to do is show them the evidence, and then they'll evaluate it rationally just as you have done.

Start with the story of Adam and Eve. Mormons actually believe that the entire human race came from these two individuals. Their creation myth is entirely silent on the evolution of Cro-Magnons or their cousins the Neanderthals. Funny, you'd think they'd have heard about this by now.

Anyway, once you've cleared up that bit of nonsense, point them to the story of Noah's ark. It's a fundamental belief in Mormonism that the earth was deluged in water and a guy named Noah survived with his family by floating it out in a boat. Just point out to them what a worldwide flood would have done to all the plant and animal life on the planet. All gone, right? So what, did Noah then float from continent to continent replacing all the indigenous plants and animals in their natural habitats? And just exactly how many species of beetle did he pack on the ark? (Because God knows they haven't evolved since!)

That ought to be enough to help your friends see they've been wrong all along. They'll be all ears to hear about your church.

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