Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pascal's remorse

What Good Can Come From Being Athiest? —ROD

Im a christian. and I see no reason why someone would be atheist. Of course everyone has the right to believe what they want but why would someone want to jeopardize their life.

It's funny how when believers are confronted with contradictory evidence, the argument always shifts to utilitarian reasons for believing. "OK, maybe my beliefs don't really make rational sense, but being a Christian makes me a better person!" Well does it? I think people who feel this way need to give themselves more credit. Take it from someone who once was a believer and now is not, God is not the only thing keeping you from being immoral.

As to your comment about "jeopardizing your life," I can only guess what you mean by that. Are we talking about the afterlife? Because if so that logic makes no sense at all unless you first believe that (a) there is an afterlife, and (b) the particular religion you're a part of is the one that can lead you there. When you consider the utter lack of evidence for (a) and the sheer improbability of (b), I'd say there's a much better chance that you're jeopardizing your life now by turning over your time, energy, and means to a cause that is based on false premises.

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Saganist said...

Let me answer ROD's question with a question. What Good Can Come From Being Non-Muslim?