Thursday, December 4, 2008

What about Mormon beleif do you think is wrong? ? —Grace F

Here's the problem. Living things were created spiritually first, then physically. Spirits don't die, and even bodies become immortal after the resurrection. OK, so say people on average live about 86 years or whatever, and produce a few kids during their lifespan. No problem so far, right? All these people live, die, and then enjoy the hereafter in some other sphere that's pretty much just like this one only cooler.

All right, but what about their pets? A dog's lifespan is much shorter, and they give birth in litters. You used to have one dog at a time, but now all those little guys are immortal and sharing space with you in your eternal mansion. It's getting complicated, but wait.

Some animals live only a few years, and reproduce at much faster rates still. Do you get where I'm going? The ratios of people to animals are all off in Mormon heaven. Do all the little bunnies and froggies get their own planet to infest, or will we constantly have to watch our step to avoid them? And we haven't even talked yet about bugs, spiders, and mosquitos. And by the way what will the immortal mosquitos eat with their little bloodsucking mouths? Not blood, naturally.

Other than that, Mormon beliefs make perfect sense.

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