Thursday, December 4, 2008

Are there any mormons that have left the church? —group account

What happened when you did leave? Can you provide a link so I can TALK to someone about what I am going through.
There are and always have been people who leave. Interesting how once you escape the believing mindset and find yourself on the outside, you discover there are crowds of people here who've done the same.

Mormonism does not work for everyone, for lots of different reasons. In the past the church has done a remarkable job of disenfranchising those people and "protecting" believers from their disbelieving neighbors and family. They're sinners, or lazy, or couldn't live the standards. Or when none of those labels fit they must be too intellectual or proud. When all else fails, they become "the very elect," a nice backhanded way of complimenting and neutralizing them all at once.

But we're here now, the web gives a voice to the unwashed masses who proclaim that the emperor has no clothes. Thanks to the brave souls who left before us without a community to turn to, there is now support to be found all along the way. I wish you the best on your journey, and feel free to message me.


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