Saturday, December 20, 2008

Is being a mormon really that unattractive? —happy_endings93
I kind of feel bad about it because i love the religion, but does it really affect that much my chances of getting dates etc? I mean.. i'm not going to be preachy or anything i'm not like brain-washed or anything, but i do have my standards. I don't know, i feel normal, but i don't know ha ha is being mormon really that bad ?? just need some opinions, maybe what happened if you ever dated a mormon how it went etc yess.... lol thanks

Interesting question. I know when I was Mormon I always felt like I was being held to a different standard, but now I'm not sure that's what was really happening. Now that people know I've left the faith, they seem to let their guards down around me. To your point, I've discovered that people who didn't think much of Mormonism were still polite and respectful to me. But mostly what seems different now is that they no longer feel that I, as the Mormon in the group, am judging *them*.

So I guess what I'm suggesting is that you turn this question around. Ask yourself, is it really that unattractive to me that someone *not* be Mormon? And I don't just mean because they haven't heard the gospel yet, but is it really and truly OK with you that this potential dating partner does not buy into Mormonism? Are you putting out a vibe that your "standards" are not just different but actually *better* than theirs? If so, I could see that affecting your chances of getting dates.

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Starr said...

Your blog is a breath of fresh air. Please post more!! BTW, I ama former Mormon here as well. Please feel free to visit my blog, however, mine isnt really all about Mormon stuff, but you should go to my Prop 8 post, it was a riot. Would hope to keep in touch wth you and comment on one another's blogs- showing supppot, besides I do need more ex-mo friends, I hardly have any and its hard to relate to others who cannot relate to me!!