Saturday, November 8, 2008

Why did the mormon church pour 25 million into Prop 8 and then? —Peace

have the nerve to be confused as to why people are angry with them? One mormon guy even said he was hurt that gays were calling the mormon church bigots. Now that it's passed, they don't want anger directed their way. Yes, alot of non-LDS people voted yes for prop 8, but the Mormon church was HEAVILY involved in promoting prop 8 and donated 25 million dollars. They were almost obsessed with it. Now they suddenly have this persecution complex. Why?
You're right, and it wasn't just money. Mormons were the biggest supporters in terms of man hours, setting up phone banks, putting up signs, and going door-to-door. They read a letter over the pulpit to all Mormon congregations in California asking for support, and they requested donations from wealthy Mormons across the country. I can't do better than this response I saw today on a message board (edited for language):

I ... hate the church's press release saying that they're disturbed that they are being singled out for exercising their rights.

[Idiots], you aren't being singled out for exercising your rights; you're being singled out because you're wrong. Free speech doesn't mean people don't get to speak back to you, or that your ideas get a free pass from criticism. Free speech means that you get to say your piece, and then everyone else gets to respond.

We're responding. Do you hear us at your gate?

7th grade civics, people.

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