Friday, November 7, 2008

Can someone please help me with the what to read in the Book of Mormon? —Roxin_Ronni

I'm a non-member and have recently been getting lessons from the missionaries. Usually they write out a few scriptures for me to read but they didn't this time and i really want to read it but im unsure where to start or something that would be good to read that I haven't yet read. Any advice?
Tell the missionaries you read 3 Nephi 3:22 and you're curious about the horses, chariots, cattle, flocks, herds, and grain it talks about. Ask them, "Are you telling me this happened in America around A.D. 17?"

Or for some real fun, read the story of the Jaredite barges (Ether 2:13–24; 6:1–12). If you can get through that and still believe this book is actual history, I predict a baptism in your future. Just don't be surprised if your friends and family aren't convinced, or if they're turned off by the history of polygamy or the current fight against homosexual rights.

How much does even one goat, sheep or cow eat in a year?

These are grazing animal, but they can't graze on the ocean; and they don't eat fish. Their grasses and grains have to be stored on board. A goat eats 2 - 3 pounds/day. Even a pony eats about 8 pounds/day. Let's sensibly use 3 pounds X 344 days. That's 1,032 pounds of feed per animal. That's a lot of bulky weight to lash down to prevent it crashing around when the ships roll, and even flip upside down.

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