Friday, October 24, 2008

What reasons do mormons have for leaving their churches? —BabyBumblebee

My boy friend is a mormon. I'm a good christian girl and devout in my faith, but he seems intent on undermining it. Frankly his religion scares me and seems a bit cult like. I want to get him to see this, but don't know how. So I just wanted to know what reasons ex-mormons have for leaving their churches.
Hi BabyBumblebee, I'm an ex-Mormon and I'm an atheist, which means I'm an ex-Christian as well. If you and your boyfriend are both willing to investigate your beliefs objectively—if you're willing to follow the evidence wherever it leads—then chances are you'll BOTH end up dropping your religious faith.

If, however, he wants to undermine your faith and isn't willing to examine his own, your relationship is not on equal ground and is in serious trouble. You may each stick with your own beliefs, but he won't respect your beliefs and you clearly don't respect his. Better to move on in that case.

Personally I hope you both decide to investigate things, because I think life is just plain better without abdicating your time, talents, and decision making to a church based on false claims. But if you're afraid to do that with your own faith, you can bet your boyfriend is too.

Pinkadot wrote: "It's interesting to me that people who get 'no answer' think its a 'NO' answer... very interesting."

If that's not a "no" answer, Pinkadot, then the whole thing is a farce. Let's play a little game: I'm holding a piece of paper in one hand that says I'm right. There's nothing in my other hand. You pick a hand. If you pick the one with the paper, that proves I'm right. If not, pick again.

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