Monday, October 20, 2008

Prop 8 Mormon support? —SMS

I am conflicted. I am gay, was raised mormon left the church when I was 27. I am close to my parents who strongly support Calif prop 8 (they even have a sign in their yard). My mother will be singing in the Orange County Mormon Choral Organization Christmas program performed at Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall. Do I attend this program though I think the church is so off base and is one of the strongest supporter for Prop 8?
Your mom knows you're gay, right? She should be ashamed of herself and her stupid sign. Institutionalized bigotry is still bigotry, and you should not give her a free pass just because her church has done the thinking for her.

I think you have every right to tell her how offensive this is, and how much you wish she'd take the high road and stand up to her church. Someday her views will be seen for what they are: pure evil, in the same category as white supremacy and slavery.

But I think the Christmas program is a separate issue. As the other poster said, you're supporting your mom, not the organization.

Ender wrote: "Those who are fighting against Prop 8 are doing so because they are trying to force the homosexual agenda into homes, schools, and churches."

Want an inside view of the homosexual agenda? Here ya go:

Ender also wrote: "How long before someone sues the church and tries to remove the tax exempt status because of our 'hateful' policy of heterosexuality."

That, sir, is a very good question. And I suspect it won't be long after that the prophet receives a revelation that ends discrimination against gays. Don't you wish you belonged to an organization that would lead the way on moral issues? This battle is another embarrassing chapter in the modern legacy of Mormonism.

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