Monday, August 18, 2008

What are some of the prophecies given by modern day prophets of the mormon church? —Mormon Alumni
When I listen to the prophet during General conference im only hearing good advice.. im not hearing the prophecies. Help me out!
That was a very thorough answer, joshsybs, but I failed to see any examples of modern prophecies in your response.

joshsybs wrote: "People confuse seer-ship with prophecy. If you hear the prophet speak and bear testimony, you have heard prophecy, he's a prophet because of his testimony of Jesus Christ."
I'm sorry, but equivocating over the definition of prophecy is a weasel answer. Thomas Monson couldn't prophesy his way to a grocery store. And what's the point of having a prophet if, as you imply, they only have something prophetic to say every few hundred years? I can think of plenty of instances where a little advance notice to believers could come in handy. The best anyone's come up with here yet is food storage, which hardly qualifies, even if someone in your ward lost their job and lived on ground wheat for a year.

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