Saturday, July 19, 2008

Why would the mormon church publicly admit it only contributed 60 million to charity? —Ubuntu_Is_Better
Soon after buying a BILLION dollar mall? That doesn't sound like a not for profit organization to me. Yes, only 60 Million. Have you ever calculated how much tithing money they bring in? Even with 30% of the members paying 10% of their wages, tithing alone brings in around 6 BILLION. So, 60 MILLION is pocket change for charity compared to what they're making.
bdancer05 wrote: "let this be an assignment for you. why don't you investigate it yourself and then let us know... thank you"

How would you suggest going about this research, bd? The LDS church does not disclose its finances like other churches do. So speculating is all anyone can do. During the Olympics in Salt Lake then-church president Gordon B. Hinckley was asked by a German reporter about this. Here's the relevant portion of the interview:

In my country, the ... we say the people's churches, the Protestants, the Catholics, they publish all their budgets, to all the public.

Yeah. Yeah.

Why is it impossible for your church?

Well, we simply think that the ... that information belongs to those who made the contribution, and not to the world. That's the only thing. Yes.

* * *

Funny, when I was a contributing member I still never saw that information.

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