Friday, August 1, 2008

Is anyone married to a mormon without being one? —lilkhafernandez

my husband is not active in the church right now cause of an incident 10 years ago, we have been married 3, no children yet ... he is 20 yrs older than me, the thing is one day he will go back ... and try to be a mormon again, they have very strong beliefs ... they are the one true church, so eventhough I got what they call agency,(free will) I know he expects me to follow those principles, they believe in eternal marriages where couple are sealed in the temple so they can be together after death, ... I dont know what to do, Im not a fake, right now is not a big deal but is an issue waiting to happen. Can a mormon ever accept a person who doesnt follow any religion, I believe in God, was raised catholic, one of the religions he hates the most,not my problem, my question is? do I follow him or is this one day the reason for a future divorce?
Just from what you've told us it sounds like he has a solid background in the LDS faith despite being "inactive." That's not uncommon, I've found that nonpracticing Mormons are also sometimes the most staunch defenders of the faith. So I agree it could become a problem someday if you're not willing to convert and be sealed in the Mormon temple.

Unfortunately there's no easy fix to this one. You basically have two choices: (1) agree together to take a hard look at the evidence supporting EITHER faith's truth claims (don't ask him to do what you're not willing to do!) or (2) clearly articulate some boundaries for what is and is not acceptable, as in "neither of us are required to switch religions for the sake of the other" or even "neither of us is allowed to speak disparagingly about the other's beliefs." It can work, but you're right to start dealing with it sooner rather than later.

married to a Mormon without being one

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