Thursday, July 31, 2008

Can evolutionists answer this? —Dinger

When and why did evolution decide to punish women for having multiple partners?
Within the last few years (I don't know exactly when) scientists found a link between a womans reproduction system and her immune system.
The first time she has intercourse, the DNA is imprinted. after this when a mans DNA is injected, it is checked against the imprint. If it is the same, everything is ok. If it is different, the imprint is removed and the knew DNA is imprinted. This can only happen 2 times. Even if the 3 DNA is the same as the first, it still is the 3rd imprint. After this the immune system will attack the next 3 mens DNA, even if one is from a previous man. then the immune system will step down a level. I do not know what that means exactly, but I do know it means the woman can get sick easier, and recovers slower.
This link serves no purpose if evolution is true, and would in fact hinder a womans ability to have babies from different fathers if anything happened to the first one.

Additional Details

I did not find it on a site. I heard about it in a creation/evolution debate on TV.
Both sides admit is is real, but the evolution side refused to discuss it.
Sure you didn't change the channel mid debate? Because I think you're referring to DVD region codes, not women's reproductive systems. :)


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