Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mormons: What would happen if you allowed non-Mormons into Mormon wedding ceremonies?
Would you all be struck down? —Hellfriar

Good grief, where are the rational LDS responders? First, my answer to the question is that the ceremony will likely have to be changed somewhat, but Mormon weddings are very likely IMHO to become public in one of two ways in the near future. Either they will allow nonmember witnesses into the sealing itself, or they'll allow for a civil ceremony prior to the temple sealing.

bigondrums2: Hello, it's a wedding. You think because I'm not Mormon I'm somehow more likely to disrupt my little girl's ceremony and ruin her day? That's offensive and myopic. And incidentally, your comments about "worthiness" are just as offensive. Believe it or not some people who choose not to be Mormon are actually decent human beings, and don't need your stupid little church deciding whether they're "worthy" to see a loved one be married.

Wahnote: Did you even think about what you were writing? You can't understand why a non-Mormon would want to attend? That doesn't even merit a response.

book fan: What makes you so sure it will never happen? I seriously think this is coming in the next five years. And what do you know about people sneaking into temples? I've known a few people who did this. One was purely out of curiosity, but the others simply wanted to attend a relative's wedding and hadn't yet "outed" themselves as nonbelievers. Note that I am not condoning this behavior (it's trespassing if nothing else), but I'm not sure what you mean by "it never works."

joshsybs: Your comment seems disingenuous, frankly. So you're not secretive about the temple and do all you can to educate people about it? So can I read about the sealing ceremony, the clothing, handshakes, and all the covenants on lds.org? I think you should get comfortable with the word "secret." Richard Bushman has. Bushman said he doesn’t like when Mormons say the temple is not secret, that it is sacred. “It is secret,” he said.

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