Wednesday, June 11, 2008

LDS / Mormon : What do you believe the main reason an individual speaks against the church? —Truth_Seeker

Do you believe an individual that speaks against the Mormon church is influenced by the devil? Or what reasons do you believe a person pursues in discrediting the church?
I speak against the church because the devil put me up to it. Also I couldn't live the standards and was too proud. Did I mention I was offended? Seriously, y'all, whatever you have to tell yourselves to not have to think about what ex-Mormons are actually saying.

I appreciate the more nuanced responses to this one, but some of you outright scare me with your black-and-white thinking. For rac and the others, if you believed in something passionately and gave your time, talents, and whole heart and mind to the cause, then learned something that--for you--was the tipping point and completely changed the way you felt about it, would you just go on your merry way and never speak of it? Even if it divided your family? Would silence even be an ethical choice?

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