Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I need help please!!! —August Rush

I received an email from my old friend, who is completely TBM. When I was living at my parent's house after my divorce I was in their "ward boundaries" and he ended up becoming my home teacher. He and his wife were extremely good friends of mine in college, and I was excited to become reacquainted with them when I moved back into town. Now I have avoided them like the plague because their only reasons for wanting to reestablish friendship with me is to bring me back to church.

I received an email from him last night on Facebook and he is saying they want to have me and the kids over for dinner. They really are, and always have been, great people...I've realized they always will be great people, just disillusioned. I want to reply to him, but unsure of how to word what I want to get across without sounding like a heathen apostate.

I want to reestablish a friendship with them, but as PEOPLE, not as members of the church. I want to have boundaries with them, but unsure of where to start.
I'm more than happy to go to a dinner or just hang out with LDS friends. I'll sit quietly through a food blessing too. What I won't do is be put in a position where "the gospel" is being taught or discussed, like a Family Night or something. I'd say go, and just be clear about expectations.

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