Monday, April 21, 2008

Why reject a free Book of Mormon?
Been sitting here thinking, why are people afraid to read the Book of Mormon? We have millions we can give away for free. What the heck is the harm in taking a free book and reading it? Simply reading it doesnt mean you necessarily believe it. But what do you have to lose? You read it and you don't agree, okay you've just learned something. You still benefit. But if you read it and find out that its true than you've just gained the blessings of heaven.

And the beauty of it is the book has the promise that you can ask God whether its true. No one expects you to believe it out of blind obedience. You are supposed to investigate and find out. We want you to.

Even if you think you want to reject it atleast reject it knowing what the heck it actually says without relying on other people. Make a conscious choice on your own. Find out for yourself.

Why is that so hard? —Avatar_defender_of_the_light
Been there done that. Why do you assume people are afraid to read it? I wish you could see how that sounds to outsiders. It makes you sound like a Scientologist. Speaking of which, why have you not investigated Scientology? What's the harm?

The Book of Mormon is ridiculous, and the only way you wouldn't know that is if you know nothing about ancient Mesoamerica or only trust Mormon sources.

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