Thursday, May 15, 2008

Question For Ex mormons or fellow atheists?
I've tried to get my name removed from their lists,but they refuse to do so,and the local bishop wants to talk to me.He's tried sending over missionaires. I just know how manipulative they are.They have the nerve to tell me that i've been influenced by evil (science)

And how do i get my mormon friends to leave me alone,they insult me and I can tell by the way they compose themselves around me they think i am somehow inferior to them,they poke fun at me to the point i want to get violent.

Is there ways to deal with this.I don't want to offend them,but i am sure tempted to at times to speak up.Since i have to respect their religion,but it sure seems like they don't have to respect me at all.

i accidently insulted them by saying the FLDS sects are just doing exactly what joseph smith and brigham young instructed them to do.

Then he gets angry and says i am being disrespectful.How do i deal with them do i just avoide them all together or do i get defensive?
Lastworkerbee is right, the best online resource is They even have a sample letter you can modify and send. I did exactly that, and there are hundreds of others who've done the same on and other online forums.

I disagree with the others who've suggested you should move away or find new friends. There's no need for that if you can just state clearly your position and if necessary create some personal boundaries. Nor do I think you need to tiptoe around their religious talk if they're directing it at you. You say you "have to respect their religion," but I don't think that's quite right. You have to respect *them* and their *right* to believe what they want, otherwise your friendship is toast. But there's no reason you can't say what you think about it, especially if they're bringing it up.

The missionaries came to my door a few weeks ago and asked why I didn't believe in the church. So I told them. I said I didn't think Joseph Smith was credible, that I didn't believe the Book of Mormon was an actual history of actual ancient Americans, and that I didn't like many aspects of Mormon teachings and culture. We teach people how to treat us, and once you start standing up for yourself you'll find your Mormon friends will stop bringing it up, or they'll stop being friends--in which case they probably never were to begin with.

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