Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I am a Mormon what do ya'll think of that? —Jacob is better that Edward

OK. Well, I'm guessing you're young. Lots of life decisions still in front of you? Not yet a parent? All I can say is I hope that, however comfortable you now feel in your world, you do yourself and your posterity a favor and take a rational look at what you've been taught all your life.

Our parents didn't have the resources we have, and their community was largely limited to people who shared their beliefs. But a great deal of quality research has been done in the past forty years on the beginnings of Mormonism. The original Book of Abraham papyrus has been recovered and translated. (Did you know that?) We know far more about the cultures of ancient America and their technology, language, domesticated plants and animals, and so on. And it's all accessible online, complete with forums and communities of people to talk with about what you've learned. You can google stuff, or ask questions here even. My point is it's understandable why our parents might have believed and taught us what they did. Don't hate them for it when you find out the truth.

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