Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My seminary teaching nephew is getting married. Should I give him a copy of Rough Stone Rolling? —Laman and Lemon

I want to respect my siblings and their adult children AND be respectful of MY "SELF". I have a nephew getting married. He is going to be a "seminal-ary" teacher. I want to give him a copy of Rough Stone Rolling. I would hate to be embarrased when some young kid, fresh off the internet asks him about Kinderhook, and he has to say he has never heard of it. How embarrasing is THAT!! Yet, I don't want to burn any bridges by giving him "anti" material (yes, I know it is distributed by DBook and is not "anti").

How do you deal with this?
I fear the book might be an unwelcome gift, and a wedding isn't the occasion for that. I do like the bookshelf idea though, sans RSR.

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