Monday, May 19, 2008

Do you still wear temple garments? —Flat Lander

Several people have mentioned that they stopped wearing their temple garments. Some seemed to indicate that they stopped wearing them at about the same time as when they stopped believing the LDS was the True Church.

I haven't believed for a few years now. I still wear temple garments every day. In fact, I think I've ordered new ones at least once while a non-believer. (I have not yet done a name removal, and haven't been excommunicated.) I have been wearing temple garments as my underwear for 20 years now, and am used to the knee-length briefs. I guess a T-shirt is a T-shirt, so there isn't necessarily a reason to buy garment tops, but I don't like the way traditional briefs or boxers feel.

If they were physically uncomfortable, I wouldn't wear them. But they are comfortable.

Am I crazy? Are there others who do this?
Have you tried boxer briefs? They're a little shorter than your garmies, but won't ride up and get all bunched up on your thighs. You could even get daring and try them in gray or blue.

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