Monday, April 14, 2008

DH against anti-mo’s —kylindigo


I am new to this site and haven't posted much. I have been reading alot of the posts just to get a sense of everyone. Anyway my exmo DH doesn't seem to like it very much. Says he hates anti-mo's as much as TBM's. I tried to explain that it is not all negative just people trying to relate. I feel like I'm cheating sometimes because if I happen to have this site up on the computer when he comes around I feel guilty and he acts mad. He is exmo but very much not anti-mo. I think he still believes JS is a prophet. If I say anything bad and I say alot he defends instead of agrees. He doesn't go to church because he doesn't believe that you have to be in a brick building to worship. He would rather commune with nature. Just had to get this off my mind. Any advice?
I would suggest trying to find out why he thinks religion should get a free pass. If it's just the term "anti-Mormon" that rankles him I hope he can come to understand what WFS said, that we are not anti-Mormons; we all have Mormons we love. Other "power questions" that are helpful in getting people to apply critical thinking to Mormonism:

If the LDS church were not what it claims to be, would you want to know?

If the LDS church were not what it claims to be, how would you know?

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