Sunday, March 16, 2008

What are some visible/noticeable differences between a mormon and a regular christian/catholic/jewish person?
im not talking about physical appearance..i mean more like lifestyle —caitlin d

When I was LDS the only times my business associates were likely to notice anything different about me were when we were offered coffee or went to dinner together. (Mormons don't drink any coffee or alcohol.) That's probably the best you're going to do without asking him or inviting yourself to go to church with him or something.

One other idea: do you know anyone else who is Mormon? There are subtle things a fellow Mormon might notice that might be a pretty clear signal. Utah Mormons often have a certain way of speaking--something about the way they say their S's, and I don't mean a lisp. I know I still "sound" Mormon and probably always will. Or you might notice his garment line above his knees. Does it look like he's wearing boxer briefs that come to his knee? Does he always have a white undershirt on? If you ever see him dressed up, does he wear anything other than a white dress shirt? Again, all possible signs, but you won't know until you ask.

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