Tuesday, July 25, 2006

WHO, WHERE, WHEN ,WHY and HOW of BoM, Anti mo's explain yourselves —Her Amun
Since the we "TBM"s are in agreement as to the who what where and why of BoM translation and the plates. Could the non-mo's please give us their account of the who, what were and why of the BoM translation and gold plates?
I hope what's obvious here, Her Amun, is that the non-mo's don't have an account of who, what, where, and why. Some speculate and conjecture about what may have happened, but I've never met an exmo who left the church because they gained a testimony of the Spalding theory, the Golden Pot theory, or any other. In most cases I think the conclusion is that I don't need to know how it happened, I just don't believe it happened like Joseph said.

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