Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Unfinding Christ, How do people do it? —hondo
I am reading a bloody fascinating book entitled, "God the Evidence:The Reconciliation of faith and reason in a post-secular world" by Dr. Patrick Glynn. He basically argues how he was atheistic growing up and then learned the hows and the why's of atheism as he completed his studies at Harvard, including a PH.D. He says he found God after various life experiences and presents his arguments against atheism and thats as far as I got. I can see how people "find God", my question is how do you go the other way? How you unfind Christ? If you found something how do you lose it and does losing Christ mean he was never there in the first place?
QUOTE (hondo @ Jul 17 2006, 06:40 PM)
If I lose faith or unfind something does that equal I had never really it in the first place? Example If I found ten bucks and then through whatever experience decided I never did find it does that mean that ten bucks was imaginary or just some weird event that I decided never happened. Do people say to themselves that they never really believed in Christ or that there is no Christ-but How do you find him and then decide you lost him?

You're not talking about finding a tangible thing here, are you? When you say "finding Christ," aren't you referring to some internal acknowledgment of your own belief in what you've been taught about Christ? It's not like finding ten bucks. Find a less ambiguous verb and I suspect you'll have your answer. It seems to me you're just asking, "How do people change their minds about Christ?" Well, they just do. Is there something more I'm missing?

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