Friday, December 11, 2009

Truth comes knocking

Why are Mormon Missionaries rejected when they usually have the persona of innocence and humility? —Unapologetic Apostate

Every single missionary I've come across smiles and is so friendly, so why are they rejected so much when they are so nice?
It's not just a persona. They're nineteen years old. Most were raised in predominantly Mormon communities with a rather skewed view of what life is like for people without the fulness of the gospel. So innocent, definitely yes. Humble, maybe not so much, but then even after their missions it's a rare Mormon who recognizes the arrogance of claiming knowledge that is mystically hidden from the rest of us through sin or being unprepared or whatever.

And really, that's the reason I think that the mishies' message is largely ignored. Most people in this day and age recognize that important, life-changing, reality-based truth is not going to come from two kids knocking on your door. Period. You can get your vacuum cleaner cheaper on Ebay, and you can get your facts straighter from Wikipedia.


Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

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C. L. Hanson said...

You're too nice -- the original question is completely idiotic.

Just because a salesman is "nice," "friendly," or even "innocent" -- does that somehow place people under some moral obligation to spend their valuable time listening to his pitch? Saying "sorry, not interested" is somehow wrong if the salesman is "innocent" and "humble"?

ElGuapo said...

Thanks, Olive Tree!

You're right, chanson, ultimately it makes no difference that they're friendly and innocent—nor that they really, really believe what they're telling you.