Saturday, August 1, 2009

Blasphemous rumors

Strange Mormon beliefs? —Karmen I am a mormon and i just heard a couple of the weirdest things that people think that Mormons believe. I was just wondering if you guys have heard things that were strange things about mormons and I was just wondering what they were.
Oh, and, if you have any questions about mormons, you should ask a mormon because most people don't know a lot about us and that is how things get made! Now...what strange things have you heard?

Yep, I've heard a few. Here are some, just for laughs. I once heard that Mormons believe that the sun gets its light from a star (or planet? I'm not sure) called Kolob, and not from nuclear reactions. I heard they believe that ancient inhabitants of the Americas were farmers with all the same animals and crops as we have here today. There was also a story about a floating white Indian zombie with a treasure map, and another about a talking sasquatch who claimed to be Cain from the Bible. Wasn't there also something about John Smith, Jr. telling young girls that a sword-wielding angel would decapitate him if he didn't "marry" them in a private ceremony that conveniently he was authorized to perform himself? That one kills me. Like people would really follow the dude if that one were true. What next, did he scam people out of their money in a banking scandal? I suppose people will next be inventing stories about Mormons thinking dinosaurs lived on other planets.

Mormons do have horns though. That one is true.