Monday, June 15, 2009

Bachelor of nonsense

Has an ex-Mormon ever returned their BYU degree? —Davidson

or would that be too inconvenient, losing the benefits of being seen as a BYU alum.

since they hate the church so much, has anybody torn it up or returned it?

Huh? They might wish it was another school's name on the diploma, but that's not a reason to give back a college degree. You haven't thought this through. The sad reality is there are lots of students at BYU who no longer believe in Mormonism. (Maybe they went off campus and searched "book of abraham" on YouTube.) But these students are forced to keep a low profile and hide their disaffection for fear of expulsion and inability to get transcripts. You can read their stories at and other places. BYU treats a loss of faith in Mormonism as an honor code violation, and the only way to be reinstated is to be rebaptized a Mormon. Sort of turns that whole persecution thing upside down, doesn't it?

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