Tuesday, April 21, 2009

That all may be profited

Do mormon priests or any leader of the church of the latter day saints get paid in any way shape or form? —scottidawg@rocketmail.com

This includes finnacial support or and type of payment whether cash or not.
Yes. But most positions in the LDS church are unpaid "callings" that members take on in addition to their regular vocation. Even bishops of wards and "stake presidents" (a stake covers several wards) are entirely unpaid. All of this unpaid service is what allows the LDS church to get by while only asking members to donate 10% of all their income and to give a generous "fast offering" each month if they want the church to help their fellow man.

cadisneygirl wrote: "The highest leadership gets a small amount and living expenses, but most of them are retired from their secular jobs and have their own money."

With all due respect, cadisneygirl, neither you nor I have any idea what the "small amount" is that is given as a stipend to general authorities or mission presidents or whoever. What makes you think it's small?

mormon_4_jesus wrote: "Since about 99% of the men in our church hold the priesthood in one form or another, it would be hard to pay them all."

That's right, m4j. Apparently there was a big debate in the preexistence as to which way the money should flow in the church. Do we pay people to be members, or do we ask them to give money instead? It was widely acknowledged that God was capable of doing his own work and didn't need a dime of the Saints' money, but the prevailing opinion was still that blessings from church attendance should be indirect and nebulous. That way the less faithful could still attribute their financial blessings to other things, like say their jobs.

And in hindsight you can see the wisdom in doing it this way. Otherwise you'd have people lining up to be in church, all collecting financial rewards and worse yet expecting their own little piece of heaven later. Which could never work because, where is the faith?!! Shouldn't we have faith, the way God does? Or did, when he was like us?

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