Thursday, April 2, 2009

Longing for the dark ages

Do you ever look at how crazy the world is today and think that Jesus Christ might return in your lifetime? —Carolyn1345

Why, because Obama is president? I think a little perspective could help here. How crazy is it that women can vote? That black people can own property? That your life expectancy is over 80 years? That we no longer stone adulterers and burn witches? How crazy is it that you and I are free to publish nonsense on the internet without fear of retribution?

Look, there's only one necessary ingredient to get us to Armageddon: a critical mass of militant believers. If every person on earth today, leader and layperson alike, spontaneously decided to drop their religion, whether Christian or Muslim or Mormon, all of our best reasons for killing each other would disappear. Religious beliefs are divisive and dangerous in a way that no other beliefs about the world are.

My biggest fear for our future is that end-of-times prophecies will become self-fulfilling. You're probably more worried that your kid will turn out to be gay. If history is a guide, the only hope for freedom and world peace is the spread of information and the downfall of dogma. Praying for Jesus to come only makes you a part of the problem.

Freedom wrote:
"if every person on earth were to drop their religion we would fight over different things.its our nature.also,we still have money,control,relationships,road rage,hurtful behaviour based on physical appearance.the list goes on my friend.lets try to think about what we say."
@Freedom, I didn't say people would stop killing each other. Should I have added a disclaimer that road rage would go on unabated without religion?

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