Friday, April 17, 2009

Facebook, rated E for everyone

Facebook help . . . obviously I have offended with my views and how do I handle it? —stubborndane

Okay, I need some help here. Last night, I was on facebook with my sister and she thanked me for helping her out with opening her store. She ended the post with "knock three times" and I responded "What is wanted?" I have already received emails asking why I mock the church publically and that I have already made my opinions on the church well known---On my religion views, I stated "not sure, organized religion blows." I feel like the people who have responded with nasty grams (people from high school )who have judged me without knowing any of my history or what has happened to me since moving to So. Cal. 24 years ago. I feel judged. But I certainly don't want to offend others . . . but come on!


Thanks to all of you for your wonderful reply's. I thought I would share my response to facebook friend. I still have a lot of work to do to retrain my brain . . . I go into mo mode and want desperately to please others instead of putting myself first. Someday I'll be a big girl . . .

Here it is:
---really . . . this has you upset? LOL, did someone spit in your oatmeal this morning? Offensive quote deleted. Honestly, I was a bit shocked that you would turn something so small into something you felt you had to be confrontational about. You have always had a great sense of humor---where did it go? I want you to know how judgmental you came across in your post to me. You know very little about me so I am pretty sure I have not made it "clear" about my feelings and beliefs. You are welcome to your feelings and opinions and I am more than respectful of you saying what you need to---even if I don't agree. However, that same courtesy must be reciprocated. I wasn't trying to offend you or your beliefs (it was a simple comment between my sister and I) and if you only desire friends who walk and talk and act like you do, well I don't think I am that person. I need people in my life who are supportive, happy, and interested in me as a person. I don't need the judgement __________ and I am hopeful that was not your intention either.
I think we're all still working out societal norms for Facebook. It's probably a bit disengenuous to say this was just a comment between you and your sister, stubborndane. You posted it on Facebook. That's a little more like saying it to your sister on stage in front of all your earthly acquaintances. Granted it's a madhouse with conversations everywhere, but you can't blame someone for seeing and reacting to it.

That's not to say I have the answer. I've now been unfriended by at least 7 Mormons on Facebook, most of them relatives even. I'll admit that hurts. Tomorrow morning I have the pleasure of attending an Easter party at the home of one! But I at least try to be cognizant of all the potential readers of things I post on Facebook. Are you really surprised that someone was uncomfortable with you quoting the temple ceremony?

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