Thursday, March 12, 2009

You're not alone

Is the internet destroying the Mormon religion by revealing all their Masonic secret rituals? —GreatFull

No. It's hard to quantify what impact the internet is having on Mormonism at all, let alone a little thing like Masonry in their temple ceremonies. Even with real numbers about attendance and tithe-paying this would be a murky subject, but the LDS church seems very reluctant to reveal anything more than this increasingly meaningless number of "total people at one point baptized and not known to be deceased."

Anyway, I think most Mormons are already aware that there are similarities to Masonry in their ordinances, and they're generally unfazed by this. The fact is most people on either side don't do much serious research when deciding to join (or leave) the faith.

I think the single biggest impact the internet has had on questioning Mormons is not the availability of well-researched information, it's the visibility of an actual ex-Mormon community living in the midst of all the believing Mormons.

Online community with 3,800 registered former Mormons and as many "lurkers":

Another one:

Yet another:

And another:

That's a small sample, not to mention all the ex-Mormons who seem to frequent the comment section of the various local news sites, at the Trib, the DesNews, and Oh, and the exmo blogs ... for a fairly complete list you can go to . You truly are not alone.

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