Monday, February 23, 2009

Manuscript found

If you found the lost mormon golden plates(original book of mormon tablets) would you turn them in or pawn it? —Mickey B

Are we assuming here that they're actually gold? Supposing they were made of tin, with some sheets engraved with characters on top and the larger portion "sealed" to give it more bulk without the effort of engraving? Gold or not, no one would pay more for it than the LDS church, so that's who I'd sell it to.

I know, the right thing to do would be to show it to the world and free all the Mormons from their mass delusion, right? No chance. Deseret Book would have its best year ever publishing all the apologetic responses, and soon everyone would be bearing testimony about how this further proves that Joseph was a prophet and that Satan is stirring up the wicked for the last great battle. I'll take the check, thanks.

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