Monday, January 26, 2009

What happens if a Mormon forgets their secret Mormon temple password, how do they get into heaven? —John L

This is an excellent question. Several of the Mormon responders just laughed this off, but I assume that's because it's coming from a non-Mormon and they either aren't endowed and don't know what you're talking about or they just don't have an answer.

But the fact is there is little more than speculation available to Mormons wondering how the temple ordinances actually fit in to the more traditional idea of Judgment Day. What if you were an unrepentant Sabbath breaker but knew all the names and signs? Or supposing you were a real Saint, doubled your fast offerings every time a high councilman asked, visited your home teaching families twice a month, ate very little meat ... but somehow misremembered your new name and couldn't come up with it?

The simplest explanation, in my view: Joseph made it up as he went along.

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