Monday, November 3, 2008

Should the Mormon church lose it's tax-exemption status because they are fightin hard to pass Proposition 8? —xinio654

Under current law, no. But if you're asking how things "should" be, then yes they should lose tax-exempt status for this reason, as well as for their discrimination against women, for their exclusive wedding ceremonies, for their fraudulent truth claims, and most of all for their boring church meetings. In a perfect world, that is.

Orchidmg wrote: "All I can say is that it's the pastor's right to tell members who to vote for because God's laws come before man's laws."

True, orchidmg, but this question isn't about rights. It's about whether the federal government should subsidize them through tax exemption. When it turns out, through some strange coincidence, that God hates the same people his followers hate, they should have the right to say so. On their dime.

As man is
So is his God,
And thus is God
Oft strangely odd

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