Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mormons, do you really believe that the book of Mormon is historically accurate? —Katie C

If so, then how do you explain the many inconsistencies in geographical places and cultures that never existed?
I agree with the Mormon responders that your question isn't helpful since it doesn't offer any evidence of the inconsistencies you're referring to. But I guess it really doesn't matter anyway. Religion is like a card trick, where the "magic" has already happened before the sleight of hand even begins. It's not about what "answer" you got to your prayer; the trick is in convincing someone that prayer works in the first place, and that it's a valid way of discerning truth.

Once someone buys into that premise, it's a foregone conclusion they'll end up convinced. Joshsybs offers a good example in his answer: "Is it a history book? To answer your question - I'm not sure, and I don't really care." He then asks, "Out of curiosity, what inconsistencies do you refer to?" but is there any point in answering? Your question is a valid one, Katie C, but it just won't reach the believing mind. Evidence isn't what got them there.

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