Monday, September 8, 2008

What is really in the Book of Mormon? —Jadhu

I was able to read the first few pages of the book until i stopped. I found it in our school library. I just want to know what are really the teachings inside this Book of Mormon, because when I was already reading the First Book of Nephi, i, honestly, am getting ...somewhat bored..... sorry.... i don't mean to offend. I understood the Bible better than this book. In the book of Nephi, the first verses were just about Nephi. I don't need to know this Nephi. There were too many verses in the beginning concerning about Nephi. So, i closed the book then just read another book... I just need to know what the Book of Mormon is all about, it's teachings(please give examples, like verses)............
That's pretty funny. So you didn't like reading Nephi talk about himself, huh? I don't have anything to add, just thought your viewpoint was refreshing. :)

Rae wrote: "Even if you are not reading it for the spiritual aspect (though it is hard to read it and not get that), it is a good historical story."

Huh ... what? No. There's nothing historical about it, unless you hold a spiritual belief in it to begin with. Maybe you just meant to say it's a good story? Sure, I'd agree with that, in parts at least. But not appropriate for small children, although you could say the same about the Old Testament.

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