Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What do you know about the Mormon religion? —Hunter

I am a mormon, and I've been very curious about what other people know/think about our religion. If you are mormon I would appreciate you commenting!
*We do not believe in having more than one wife
*We can watch TV and participate in the media
*We do believe in God, and Jesus Christ
*Yes, we are modest. But we don't wear floor length clothing and long sleeve shirts all the time.
(Just to clear all of that up)
Thank you!
*We do not believe in having more than one wife

Are you sure? Is D&C 132 still scripture? Can a man not be sealed to a second wife if his spouse has passed away? Do you not believe that Joseph Smith was commanded by a sword-wielding angel to take plural wives? I think you meant you do not currently live in polygamous marriages.

*We can watch TV and participate in the media

Who chooses what's OK for you to watch? Would you have a book by an ex-Mormon in your home where your bishop might see it?

*We do believe in God, and Jesus Christ

Any predictions on Jesus' return visit? Think it's the Mayan calendar after all?

*Yes, we are modest. But we don't wear floor length clothing and long sleeve shirts all the time.

I don't think "modest" means what you think it means. ;) I agree Mormons don't wear fundie clothes. But don't kid yourself, there's a dress code on and off the court. How many women in your ward today wore pants? Anything sleeveless or showing any amount of cleavage? Have you ever counted the men in the congregation who are NOT wearing white shirts? What's up with that? I'm sorry, you belong to a church that chooses your underwear. That is not normal.

You asked! :)


Anonymous said...

IDK why I am wasting my time. I mean no offense to you just that people choose what they believe, and see what they want to see.

I disagree with the statement regarding the Mormon Religion being about "itself". This is simply not true. The Mormons do more good than most groups I know which does not include the help it offers to it's own members. For instance, they have plenty of Humanitarian Aid Projects that benefit people in third world countries; programs such as "The Eradication of the Measles" administer vaccinces to people who have never even heard of the religion. The main difference is that they do not advertise their humanitarian efforts even among their own members.

On a completely unrelated matter I am truly saddened and I am sorry that you were offended. I hope you have a lot peace in your life!

ElGuapo said...

Hi Mark, thanks for speaking up. I think your comment was about a different post, but no matter. I still appreciate you sharing an opinion.

I don't mean to diminish the humanitarian aid efforts made by the church or its members. Those projects ought to be applauded. I don't, however, think they are the reason the church exists. Nor are they a big part of the church's annual budget, as far as anyone can tell. As you said, Mark, the church doesn't tell its own members how its resources are allocated. But in countries that require financial disclosure (UK and Canada are the two I believe), my understanding is that something less than one percent of all donations is used for humanitarian aid. I'm no expert on this matter, though, so feel free to correct me if you have more info on this.

Finally, I'm not sure what prompted your "sorry that you were offended" comment, but you seem sincere and I appreciate your well wishes.