Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How do Mormons preach? —Jadhu
Here I go again. Asking about Mormons. I'm really curious. I don't hear much about them. I haven't talked to a Mormon personally and inquired how do they preach. I mean what do they say, what do they present, or what do they give when they preach? Do they engage in debates? It's good to have a philosophical debate.

Mormon church services are pretty low key. You go in, sit where you want, they have a hymn and prayer and conduct ward business. Then another hymn, they bless and pass the bread and water—which you would probably decline as a nonmember, but the kid passing it won't know so he'll offer it to you.

Once that's through they announce the speakers, who are just members of the congregation who were asked to prepare and give talks for this week. There is no audience participation outside of the singing, you just sit and listen. It gets a little noisy by the end of the hour since there's no child care service and kids get restless.

That's pretty much it. The topics are assigned by the local bishop, so there aren't a lot of surprises. No visual aids, no backup choir, no amens or hallelujahs from the crowd. If there's a special musical number you don't applaud afterward. They just ... talk.

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