Sunday, August 31, 2008

Richard Dawkins on Mormonism. —Cambridge

Richard Dawkins on Mormonism:

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"The Mormon religion is so obviously fake ... I mean, nothing could be more obvious than that man was a fake and a charlatan and a liar ... this mountebank who wrote a bogus book, The Book of Mormon, and though he was writing in the nineteenth century chose to write it in seventeenth century English. I mean, why don't people see through that? I can't understand it."

Yeah, that's kind of funny, in retrospect. But I'm sure Dawkins does understand it, despite his flippant little aside here. Is it "obvious" that the Mormon church is bogus? Sure it is, unless you're already a part of it or emotionally attached to it when you begin your investigation. That's a long way of saying I disagree with Dr. Dawkins on this point, but I'm guessing it's not a strongly held opinion on his part and was said more for laughs.

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